Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time to retire, Grampaw.

Dan Rottenberg—Editor of Broad Street Review—Spews Vile Rape Commentary

Of course Dan Rottenberg is only saying what so many people - especially of his generation - believe. That if a woman deliberately puts herself some place where MEN might also be present, then if she is raped, she only has herself to blame. Because that is how men are. Because men absolutely cannot help themselves. If they see cleavage or a thigh or a woman practicing journalism they MUST RAPE. It's the splendiferousness of being an all-natural male animal and women must bow to nature.

It's funny, if a straight guy is raped because he went somewhere that he knew gay men would be, would creepy old coot feel the same way about the natural rape urges of males?

Granted this is in some obscure Philadelphia cultural rag that almost nobody reads, but it must be said: IT'S TIME TO RETIRE, GRAMPAW!