Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Only three months until autumn

It's the first day of summer and that means one thing - it's just three months until autumn.

I didn't used to hate summer. Back when I was a schoolgirl, summer meant vacation from school, so I loved it. Now, however, summer no longer means vacation. And so there is no point to it. Especially since I can't stay out in the sun long, and I do not tan. I almost had a tan the summer I was a lifeguard, but it wasn't so much a tan as a darker shade of pale visible outside the area that had been covered by my bathing suit. I worked as an art school life model that autumn and you could see the different skin shades in the drawings of me.

I dislike summer so much I wrote a sonnet about the first day of autumn in celebration of the end of summer last year. The sonnet really says all I have to say on the subject. The only thing I can add is at least I'm not alone.