Saturday, June 18, 2011

patriarchy is killing my libido

Jesus Christ, what is this with men's hair these days? I don't see why any man would worry about going bald anymore since most men wear their hair so short they might as well be bald.

I realize that I'll likely never again see the glory days of the early 1970s when I was first hitting adolescence - but do we really have to go back to the 1950s style crew cuts?

And actually it's ever worse - at least men in the 1950s were clean-shaven. Now men cut the hair on their head down to a stubble - and let their face hair grow long. Ugh!

Well I Blame the Patriarchy. It keeps telling straight men that women are "not visual" and so men don't have to do anything about their appearance except for the most minimal effort - bathing and occasionally trimming nose hairs. And what this means is that, while nobody can escape the uglification of the aging process entirely, most men go seriously downhill after 40. My ex-husband and a bunch of old boyfriends from my teenage years are on Facebook and wow are they unsavory-looking. You practically can't tell they're the same people they look so much worse now.

And of course the belief that women don't care what men look like is so nice and convenient for men. Whenever I ask a man why he doesn't grow his hair it's always the same reason - short hair is easier. Well fucking DUH! But you don't see women walking around with crew cuts, because long hair looks better.

I'm not the most girly-girl in the world, but even I keep my hair at least shoulder length at all times, often longer. Which means I have it cut, colored and styled regularly and on a daily basis use conditioner, blow-dryer, flat iron and gel. And even then I can't get it reliably straight and smooth every day - but at least I make a damn effort!

Most women go through so much work to look good because we're all competing for the same, very few straight men who make an effort to look good.

I have a theory about this. Men don't bother trying to look good for women because they can always pay a prostitute to pretend not to notice how ugly they are. Or find a mail-order bride from Russia or Southeast Asia or Central America who are so desperate to get out of those hideous hell-holes they'll gladly marry an ugly old meal ticket.

Either that or they just sit around whining about how women are a bunch of perverse masochists who don't like "nice guys" such as them. Because while men expect women to live up to extremely high visual standards, men themselves can be bald ugly trolls. Hey - the prostitutes and mail-order brides never complain!

Really though, considering how few straight men are actually interested in women as human beings it's a wonder they don't all just go to prostitutes and save everybody alot of time and trouble.