Tuesday, November 15, 2022

The bastards got another tree

What is it with me and trees? It seems like whenever I have a view out my apartment window of trees, sooner or later assholes will start chopping them down.

I was working from home and I heard the noise of the chainsaws in the morning, but didn't look out the window. The next time I looked out the window -  one of the trees was cut down! The one that was lit up in red, just a few weeks ago.


In the before and after pictures, you can see there appears to be nothing wrong with the tree they killed. And of course nobody ever bothers to provide an explanation for why they cut down a tree. Like it's no big deal.

Look at how tall the red tree is. It must have been growing there for at least 20 years. It could have been there for another 20, but no, when I move in it's killed.

True, unlike my last apartment, there are many other trees out my window, so it isn't quite the shock I had when transient renters on the first floor killed the pine tree so they could barbecue, or when the two creeps from one floor below me killed the elm tree so they could have a sun deck and do their chubby middle-aged man yoga.

But still. It's upsetting.