Friday, December 13, 2019

RIP Tree

When I first moved to my apartment almost four years ago I was so excited because my living room has a big window that looks out onto the back of the row of apartment buildings and my view was so green.

This is what it looked like in February 2016, from my bedroom window, after it had just lightly snowed. It was so incredibly charming.

You can see the ivy around my window, a pine tree on the center right and a big branching tree whose branches are obscuring some of the windows of the apartment on the other side of the block.

Since then, the people who moved into the ground floor tore out the pine tree, the woman upstairs nagged our superintendent until he chopped up the ivy - he left the dead ivy leaves and vines up, and for the first summer after that atrocity their blackened moldering leaves gave me an allergic reaction every time I turned my air conditioning on.

Then today, they tore down the big branching tree. This time I have no idea who is responsible.

No more pine tree, no more green ivy, and no more big branching tree for the blue jays. Just the wall of the back of an apartment and the long-dead ivy leaves to remind me of the lost green.

It's so horrible I can barely stand to look out the window now.

I hate everybody responsible for ruining the green. 

Is it weird to cry for a tree?

I don't care.