Saturday, June 04, 2011

sucker for technology

Mr. Fuzz isn't sure what to think.

I sure am enjoying the photographic capabilities of my new iPhone. I've really made a huge leap with this purchase - for the past seven years I had an antique Blackberry that was built like a tank, and like a tank the only way to kill it probably is to submerge it in water, which I did. Accidentally of course.

So I had to get this new iPhone and it does so much more than the tank - it has a color display for one thing, it changes window orientation - sometimes too much but anyway, it can take videos as well as audio-only voice notes and of course the photos. Very accurate GPS, a direct link to Apple apps, texting with a fun word-balloon interface, plus other stuff that I haven't even discovered yet.

My daughter thinks I should get Angry Birds, but I'm not ready to waste even more time than I already do on Facebook.

These roses are in front of my apartment building. Not everything is maintained perfectly here, but they do a great job with the flowers in front.
Other pix: Empire State Building from the south, Atlas on 5th Avenue, a community garden at 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village, and last but not least, this weird mosaic on the far northern end of the Queens-bound R/N 8th Street station. There are a bunch of mosaics representing NY city life, but I don't know about this one - it's supposed to be a pharmacy I gather, but the proprietor sure looks like an alien to me.