Thursday, June 09, 2011

busy busy busy theatre weekend

Going to see ARCADIA tomorrow night finally, for free along with my pals Alice Anne, Bruce, Allan, Diane and Mike. Yay! I expect that my response will be quite similar to my response to Kushner's THE INTELLIGENT HOMOSEXUAL'S GUIDE TO YADA YADA YADA except that for half of the play I will be in heaven enjoying the male cast members all got up in Regency period clothing. I so wish that style would come back. Including the hair and sideburns.

And then I start my 3-day weekend, taking the train on Friday down to Fairfax Virginny to attend the Dramatists Guild's first annual conference. I will be blogging/tweeting from there, especially if I go to any after-parties. I heard Albee's a party animal.

If I do meet him, I wonder if I should mention I got a tour of his loft as an incentive to develop a web site for some guy from Texas who was hanging at Albee's place while Albee was out on Montauk. This was over ten years ago, but still, I feel like I should say something. Plus I want to know if he still has that artwork, created by his boyfriend, wherein men's briefs were pasted onto canvas and then spray-painted black. I don't think too many women can say they saw Albee's bedroom AND his underwear!