Monday, June 13, 2011

Mug up and hit the deck

Well here we see one of those rare Willie the Whaler ads in which he is not referring to alcohol. He seems to be exhorting his crew mates to get to work.

After this ad I'm down to the last three Willie/New Yorker ads. I've been having no luck at all with the New Yorkers from the 1950s - they just ran the same three or four Willie ads, nothing new is ever introduced. I'm about half-way through 1959, which means there are about four or five more years of Willie ads, and I'm doubtful I'll see any new ones.

I've been posting Willie ads since November of last year, it will be weird not to post him any more. When I get to the last Willie ad, I'll have to do something special, like maybe make a gif animation of Willie.

Wait a minute... I just found two distinct definitions of "mugup" online - one that is similar to the term "bone-up" which means to apply oneself with more effort, and in the The Dictionary of Nautical, University, Gypsy and Other Vulgar Tongues: A Guide to Language on the Street in 18th and 19th Century Streets of London "to get tipsy." Well now things are making more sense...