Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Happy Dance of Evil

I've been really getting into listening to my iPhone in its iPod mode. Songs sound really great through headphones.

In fact a song I wrote, "The Happy Dance of Evil" sounds great through the headphones. I enjoy listening to it right up there with Bob Marley and the Beatles. I wrote the song to send my play GOOD WOMEN OF MORNINGSIDE off with a bang. The good women were actually evil - although they considered themselves good, but more importantly superior to most other people, which is why they justified being such habitual lowdown bitches to other people whenever they could get away with it. The "good" women were based on a couple of lowdown bitches that I, regrettably, had personal dealings with.

At the end of the play the "good" women do a happy dance of evil to celebrate the fact that they hurt another person for their own personal amusement.

However, while listening to Happy Dance the ending bothered me. The song basically repeats the guitar lead melody line, with slight variations, twice, and both times the verse ends with a crashing sound. But I decided to make the last crash much louder, so I threw in whatever Garageband had, including the sound of a volcano erupting which was just perfect - you can hear the sound of fire at the end which is perfect for conveying a vision of hell.

It really should be heard with headphones though - the bass is almost lost otherwise, and the bass is an essential component for conveying the evil.

Unfortunately GOOD WOMEN OF MORNINGSIDE only had a few performances - I might recycle the song for my upcoming MISTRESS ILSA.