Monday, June 27, 2011

pix etc

Long MISTRESS ILSA rehearsal today and I'm wiped out - directing always wears me out because I'm concentrating so intently the whole time - not to mention spending part of the time doing producer duties like making sure the actors get fed.

But I couldn't resist taking a picture of today's sunset, seen out my living room window:

Then since I was taking pictures I couldn't resist taking pictures of the two cutie-wootie cats nearby. I use to have a cat tree, but ditched it during one of my moves, so I had to create one using the top two shelves of this storage unit - the bottom two selves have printers and paper and a caddy with scissors, pens etc.

Mr. Fuzz always goes on the third shelf and Miss Willow always goes on the top shelf. Occasionally Mr. Fuzz ventures onto the top shelf when Miss Willow is already there and then LOOK OUT.

Miss Willow gets cranky any time something different happens - you can see her ears going back a little in annoyance because I was taking a bunch of pictures. If she doesn't understand it, she doesn't like it.

And soon she decided to take a hike.

But Mr. Fuzz doesn't mind.

When something different is happening his main concern is investigating it to see if he can either eat it or play with it. He's so brave that he even comes out to see the actors during rehearsals at my place. Don't get me wrong - he's nervous and eventually gets scared and has to run back into the bedroom, but he will usually at least make the rounds to sniff each person and give them a chance to pet him. This always makes the actors very happy.

With Miss Willow, as soon there is even a hint we might have visitors - even if I start to straighten up the living room - she immediately goes to her safe place in the basket under my bed. That's just how she likes it and don't ever try to make her do anything else. She won't have it.