Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I never watch awards shows, but I almost regret it after seeing this number - it's really a perfect piece. NPH is great and the dancing is great and the cameos are great - even Brooke Shields's screw-up.

And such great lines -

"Attention every breeder you're invited to the theatre, it's not just for gays anymore"

"There's so much to discover with your different-gendered lover."

Stephen Colbert: "I enjoy the theatre I've enjoyed it all my life, I enjoy it with my female woman wife."

"Come in and be inspired there's no sodomy required."

"We'd be twice as proud to have you if you go both ways."

I agree with Joel Gray - "wow!"

And also, there's a one-second shot of Kelsey Grammer - and David Hyde Pierce is sitting right next to him! FRASIER GEEK MOMENT!

I kid you not.

Frasier is also not just for gays.

Also, I hugged David Hyde Pierce.

Not recently - but so what - did YOU hug David Hyde Pierce???