Thursday, June 23, 2011

Best movie title ever

I just discovered that prior to Citizen Kane, in 1938, Orson Wells wrote and directed a comedy film that was never publicly screened and of which there is no complete surviving print.

And the name if this lost gem? Too Much Johnson

This is now officially my favorite movie. Move over Seven Samurai.

Speaking of which, they forced us at work the other day to have a meeting in which my team (business analysts and technical writers) sat around a table and answered questions such as "what is your favorite movie."

Well I realized I was in a room with fifteen blue shirts but even I was amazed that not only was I the only person who named Seven Samurai as my favorite movie - I was the only one who had even seen it.

So what did the other people in the room consider the best movie ever? The Hangover. New In Town. And a bunch of other movies I'd never heard of. No wonder I'm so alienated from these people.

Now for some Samurai to clear my head...

This clip contains spoilers - so if you haven't seen this movie, go see it NOW!