Thursday, February 08, 2018

The alt-right evo-psycho empire strikes back

Claire Lehmann and Bo Winegard both blocked me from their Twitter accounts for criticizing them, because they are such champions of free speech, but that's easy enough to get around.

And as usual, accuracy is not a primary concern for Lehmann - it was actually Jamelle Bouie who got Khan fired I merely contributed by documenting his racism for years. Bouie provided a link to my work.

Also the idea that I'm "bullying and smearing" Bo Winegard is absurd. He's publishing his work in alt-right Quillette, he's an adult, Lehmann. If he's going around claiming that black people are less intelligent by nature than white people which he most certainly did as I have been documenting for a month, well he can't expect people to not talk about it.

Everything I've said about Winegard can be found on my blog here.

Probably the best place to start is here where I begin to discuss the article on the Bell Curve that he and his brother published in, where else, Quillette.

There will be more to come as I continue to discuss words that he has decided as a grown-ass man to publish online.

If there is any evidence that I've smeared anybody by all means please email me exactly how I've done so. My email address is posted on the right.

Also: thanks for all the extra traffic to this site.

Evo-psychos seem to believe that whenever they inspire controversy it proves how true their statements are. I'm very tempted to follow in that tradition.

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