Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The bizarre gender-solidarity theories of the Canadian alt-right

I once admired Jonathan Kay - I thought his ghost-written book for Justin Trudeau was quite good. I also took his side in his parting from The Walrus. It's all on my blog.

And while I would still take his side against the anti-appropriationists, I no longer admire him. He got to hang out with Justin Trudeau and now he is taking sides with one of Ezra Levant's former employees, alt-right Claire Lehmann

Hyperion to a satyr, as Hamlet said. 

What the hell happened to Jonathan Kay?

And it's not only that he is siding with Claire Lehmann - it's one thing to agree with her and even to defend her because Tabatha Southey's throw-away comment about Quillette from several days ago is just eating you up inside - it's another to say Soh and Lehmann and others like them are non-doctrinaire when as I've been documenting in this evo-psycho bro series, there is a clear alt-right political POV at Quillette. 

How freaking obtuse do you have to be to believe that Claire Lehmann is non-doctrinaire?

But what else is bizarre is the belief of the Canadian alt-right that feminists must not criticize women's work.

Why would a feminist support a woman like Claire Lehmann whose entire online output is relentlessly anti-feminist?

I realize the alt-right hates and despises feminists but really, we should support women who hate feminism because of some insane gender solidarity?

I'd never heard of Soh before - apparently she's also a Quillette author, which is never a good sign since most of Quillette's authors are hacks. They published a piece by James Damore the other day and all I can say is I hope he's a better programmer than he is a writer.

Also, if Quillette was all that successful I don't think they'd all be so furious about a single wise-ass tweet by one woman from days ago. 

I've been paying attention a lot to Quillette thanks to its publishing the racialist science theories of several people whose work I have been examining in connection with Steven Pinker. And after a month I think it's very likely that Quillette is being supported by members of the alt-right directly. I don't think it's a coincidence that Quillette has the same exact political positions, and pushes them relentlessly, as media outlets like Rebel Media.

They have just enough non-alt-right aligned content to give them some plausible deniability, but after I have had to comb through its articles for a month - and I promise you that is no freaking picnic -  I think the less hate-filled items are included as a carefully-crafted tactic to give Quillette legitimacy to try to import alt-right ideas into the mainstream.

With plenty of assistance from Steven Pinker.

And if you aren't familiar with Ezra Levant, in addition to his obsession with Justin Trudeau, he's known to be a huge sleaze.