Friday, February 02, 2018

Something to get my spirits up

I'll just watch a little Justin Trudeau defend women's rights in the face of religious fanaticism to raise my spirits before diving in to the ugliness of Steve Sailer's brain.

Trudeau speaks in English in this video and doesn't say explicitly that he is a feminist, but it's very good anyway. Although seriously, if there is anything more erotic than Justin Trudeau speaking in French, declaring himself a feminist well I don't want to know what it is because it would make my head explode. 

He does talk about being a feminist in this video. Oh dear baby Jesus I could watch that on a loop for hours.

If they ever allowed Americans to serve on the Canadian secret service detail then they should hire me because I would take a bullet for this man. That is not hyperbole.

I have written about how Trudeau is a 21st Century Man, along with Obama and Macron. I should really make this into a series to remind myself of the truly good men in the world, after slogging through a series about the awful evo-psycho bros.