Thursday, February 01, 2018

EVO-PSYCHO BROS live onstage

"Alas poor J. Phillipe. I knew him, Horatio."

I'm going to switch things up for this post and instead of using my technical writing skills I'm going to use my playwriting skills.

Artistic license applies but I have not misrepresented any evo-psycho bro claims about race and African Americans, as I have been thoroughly documenting throughout this evo-psycho bro series.

Although Steven Pinker hasn't said everything the EVO-PSYCHO BRO says, he has been supporting people who say that black people are genetically less intelligent and more criminally-inclined, from the time Pinker included Steve Sailer in a collection of science writing in 2004, to Pinker frequently recommending the work of Brian Boutwell and the Winegard brothers in Quillette.

(EVO-PSYCHO BRO enters. He smooths his hair. Ponders whether this audience can handle THE TRUTH or if they are a bunch of politically-correct leftists and radical feminists. Decides to proceed.)
Ahem. African Americans are genetically less intelligent and more innately criminal than other races. 
I know, I know, you think I'm "Hitler" now.
(Grins and does air quotes. EVO-PSYCHO BRO's fanboys chuckle appreciatively.)
To claim that race is nothing more than a social construct is to deny reality itself. 
However, please do not expect evolutionary psychologists to give a definition of race, or say how many races there are or provide a methodology by which an individual is assigned to a race. Yadda yada yadda, all those details. We like to wing it. That's just how we roll.
    (He puts on a pair of sunglasses for effect.)  
By censoring data about black criminality and intelligence the college campuses and the New York Times and the respectable media are radicalizing the highly-literate, highly-intelligent people who gravitate to the alt-right. 
And let's get something straight: you cannot be on the Left and be objective. That is why you should never listen to any leftist on evolutionary psychology, whether it's Stephen Jay Gould or Richard Lewontin or Steven or Hillary Rose.
However if you are a conservative you can never be anything but objective. 
We have evo-psycho bros who were actual right-wing operatives like Razib Khan - let's hear it for RK!
     (Fanboys applaud.)   
AND we've cited and published Steve Sailer who is well known as a racist and who makes a living writing for alt-right and white supremacist periodicals. American Renaissance! Taki's Magazine! Unz Review! VDARE! 
We just do NOT have any fucks left to give, do we?
     (Fanboys yell "noooooo!")   
Hell, we get our data about blacks from J. Phillipe Rushton, a guy who was literally the president of a white supremacist organization, the Pioneer Fund! AND WE CITE HIM ALL THE FREAKING TIME!  
     (Fanboys applaud the alpha-maleness of it all.)    
Now on to African Americans. First let's put aside any discussions of the actual ancestral composition of these people. Black is black. Amirite?
Blacks in the United States are poorer than other races. Because they've failed to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps! 
Because they are less intelligent by nature. 
Because they are more criminal, by... 
    (Fanboys: "NATURE!" )
And don't start boo-hooing about slavery and racial discrimination!
    (He pretends to cry, in a funny way. Fanboys laugh. )
Slavery was a hundred and fifty years ago! The last ex-slave died in 1971! That was 46 years ago! How long is it going to take those people to just get over it?
    (A fanboy calls out "get over it snowflakes!")
Since slavery ended everything has been pretty OK, right? Sure there have been a few glitches, like lynchings and Jim Crow. And sure, our president Donald Trump was sued by the US government for refusing to rent to black people. That was back in 1973! There has been no discrimination against blacks in housing since 1973. Obviously.
And can we all just stop with the tall tales of police being mean to blacks? When the New York Times runs stories demonstrating that blacks are stopped more often for no reason it's fake news!

     (Fanboys cheer for a long time.)
OK, quiet down now, I'm about to lay some SERIOUS TRUTH on you. This truth is at the heart of the evo-psycho,  sociobiologist, hereditarian and human biodiversity movements' understanding of African Americans and we have never said it out loud before:
If any other race had been in the same situation as blacks in America ~ 
and by situation I mean being kidnapped from their homes, enslaved for hundreds of years then set free without resources, terrorized, cheated, discriminated against, raped with impunity, segregated, denied voting rights, jailed in massive numbers thanks to the war on drugs, blah blah blah   
~  they would be doing better than the blacks!  
Slavery and lynchings and all the rest of it would have just rolled off the backs of the other races like it was nothing! They'd be thriving by now! 
It's not racism to say that, it's just THE TRUTH!
    (Fanboys hoot and cheer.
(POLITICALLY CORRECT LEFTIST calls out: "how do you know it's the truth?" EVO-PSYCHO BRO squints into the audience.)
Who said that? Was that a CULTURAL MARXIST? 
    (Fanboys laugh.
  (RADICAL FEMINIST yells: "You can't just make claims like that without evidence!") 
  (EVO-PSYCHO BRO grins.) 
Uh oh, I see we've been reported to the AUTHORITARIAN LEFT!
(Fanboys laugh uproariously.) 
Evidence? EVIDENCE?
     (Mexican accent) 
We don't need no stinking evidence!
     (Fanboys laugh.) 
It simply stands to reason that if blacks are still not doing as well on intelligence tests and still committing crimes more than other races, after all this time, it's because that's how black people are. They are just different from the rest of us. Genetically.
     (Puzzled expression on his face.) 
Why do I even have to explain this? I guess this is what happens when you have a Postmodern dictatorship in Academia. Nobody knows how to think logically!
     (Fanboys laugh and clap.)  
By the way, the same reasoning tells us that women are by nature inferior at STEM careers, Islam is the most violent religion and capitalism is the greatest invention in the world YOU GODDAM COMMUNISTS!!!    
      (Huge cheer from the fanboys.) 
Now let me just leave you all with this thought: reality is what refuses to go away when I stop believing in it. 
      (Wild applause from the fanboys.)  
Thank you, thank you! Now go out there and use what you have learned to write books and scholarly periodicals. And always remember, data can never be racist. Facts can never be racist. The TRUTH can never be racist!