Saturday, February 24, 2018

Evo-psychos & SJWs & Brocialists oh my

Somebody named MEH 0910 is talking about me at UNZ.

He practically reposts my entire item Steven Pinker and Steve Sailer: remuneration not repudiation in the discussion under Sailer's post indicating he hasn't read Steven Pinker's latest book.

MEH 0910 follows up his own comment by writing:
Interestingly, she also has problems with Social Justice Warriors.
As I discussed in this post, I have problems with plenty of other groups besides evo-psychos/human biodiversity proponents.

Although brocialists and social justice warriors mostly hate each other, they all generally agree that the real problem in the world isn't the Right, it's liberals and feminists. 

In this, they agree with the evo-psycho/HBD gang. 

So, basically, if you routinely attack liberals and feminists I'm not going to like you.

But here's the thing - no matter how objectionable Robin DiAngelo (SJW) or Doug Henwood (brocialist) is, it still doesn't make human biodiversity or evolutionary psychology correct.