Monday, February 12, 2018

Do evo-psycho bros have any self-awareness at all?

Here's a tweet from evo-psycho bro John Paul Wright, who literally has a book and a web site called "Conservative Criminology."

For some reason it's only people he hates who mix politics and science. He's pure and empirical and untouched by earthly concerns when he claims that black people are by nature more criminal than other "races." 

This is from John P. Wright's chapter "Inconvenient Truths: Science, Race, and Crime in Biosocial Criminology: New Directions in Theory and Research edited by Kevin M. Beaver and Anthony Walsh:

This deficit, Wright believes, has nothing to do with the treatment of blacks during and post slavery and in fact claims that all blacks throughout the entire world are this way, thanks to their genetics.

As I pointed out, although Wright shares stories of black depravity on his Conservative Criminology web site he seems to ignore horrific stories about other "races" as with Mafia criminal activities in 21st century Italy reported in The New Yorker.

In a blog post about that issue, I compared Wright's stories of black "thugs" with the Mafia and suggested, in jest, that Wright ask his Conservative Criminology co-author Matt DeLisi if he thought Italians were white.

It turns out not everybody thinks so. I saw this comment thread on Facebook the other day.

By the way, Bo Winegard thinks that Vox should publish the further racist ramblings of Wright and others who believe that blacks are innately inferior to whites. However, you are not allowed to call him or Charles Murray or Brian Boutwell a racist. Because the evo-psycho bros and other hereditarians really think they can control the message and get further legitimacy for their project of "biologizing inequality" as anthropologist Marvin Harris used to call sociobiology.

As far as Heather MacDonald or Steven Pinker - where AREN'T they published? The Steve Pinker PR machine is constantly cranking away.

I'd be all in favor of getting the word out about what Charles Murray, John Paul Wright, Brian Boutwell and the Winegard brothers really think about black people. Far from helping to spread racism which it appears is what Winegard hopes for, I am convinced that once their shitty science is throughly analyzed only hard-core racists and those riding the wingnut welfare gravy train could fail to recognize how bad it actually is.

I'm pretty much done with Winegard and Wright unless they say something even more insane than usual. But I feel I've achieved my goal, demonstrating how dedicated to the alt-right they are and how much Steven Pinker nevertheless supports their work. I have maybe one or two more things to say about the criminal justice/biodiversity evo-psycho bros before focusing directly on Pinker.