Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Newsflash: the alt-right hates Justin Trudeau

I would say Justin Trudeau is worth a million Jordan Petersons or Stefan Molyneux, but actually there's really no comparison between a man like Justin Trudeau and the likes of a Peterson or a Molyneux.

It would be like comparing the invention of the wheel to smallpox and syphilis.

Of course alt-right assholes were all over Trudeau saying personkind like anybody but the alt-right gives a shit.

Several evo-psycho bros have given interviews to living coprolite Molyneux, who is also pushing the Trump/Republican/Russian line about the Steele dossier. Like you do. When you're an enormous alt-right asshole.

And of course if you're talking alt-right you have to include worthless racist & misogynist shithead Claire Lehmann, who used to work for Rebel Media, owned by Ezra Levant who is absolutely obsessed with Trudeau and was long before Trudeau became PM.


Naturally evo-psycho king Steven Pinker is hyping Peterson.

Meanwhile here is self-righteous atheist Jerry Coyne whining about Trudeau's visit to a mosque and yet, even though he claims to not have a well-formed opinion of Peterson, likes to promote him anyway. Not long ago I pointed out that although Coyne expects women to stop "coddling" all religions, Coyne is willing to cut the religious slack whenever it suits him. And here's an example - it doesn't seem to bother Coyne that Peterson says things like this:

Peterson said religion in general and Catholicism in particular stand as a perpetual bulwark against ideologies of the political left or right, which is why the Catholic Church is under now attack by those ideologies — along with Dr. Peterson himself.
And this:
“The Catholic Church warns us against the danger posed by the un-moored rational mind,” said Peterson, who would not reveal his own religious beliefs. He added that religions in general provide a “balanced” and complete understanding of reality, while ideologies such as Fascism or Marxism (which he says lies at the root of gender theory) present a very narrow understanding.
If you swapped out "Catholic Church" for "Islam" Coyne and Pinker and all the rest of the New Atheist bigot hypocrites would be shitting themselves with outrage.

The support of Peterson by New Atheists tells you everything you need to know about the utter lack of ethics and coherency of the New Atheists.

Meanwhile today my glorious Prime Minister of Love is speaking in the US. 

Worms like Peterson and Molyneux are so jealous of this man.

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