Friday, May 27, 2016

Shakespeare in the Park

That's Shakespeare in my park baby. I hadn't paid attention to the start date of this year's annual Public Theater production of Shakespeare in the Park, so it was a coincidence when I happened to take a walk through the park and found that the first performance of TAMING OF THE SHREW was about to get started. TOTS and MERCHANT OF VENICE are tied for my least favorite Shakespeare plays. SHREW is being done in this production with an all-female cast, which I guess is supposed to soften its innate misogyny, much like, I guess, if you had MERCHANT performed by Hassidim.

I have never managed to see a performance of Shakespeare in the Park, but now that I am literally a ten minute walk away from the theater I pretty much have to go this year. I figure I'll wait for a weekday that opens up gray and cloudy in the hopes that I won't have to wait in a really long line - I'll wait towards the end of the run too. It hasn't been reviewed yet, if it gets a bad review prospects might be even better for getting a ticket.

My mother is visiting me this weekend, and if she care about Shakespeare... or theater... or the arts at all I would try to get tickets for Saturday or Sunday. But she doesn't care for any of those things. At all.

But it's great knowing I can not only easily catch Shakespeare in the Park but I can go to the Shakespeare garden adjacent any time I want. I blogged about the garden five years ago. Five. Years. Ago.

I really do like living here. It has as much Shakespeare as you can get outside of Stratford-upon-Avon.

Who you looking at pal?

The view of the back of the stage from Belvedere Castle. What a difference from last week.