Thursday, May 05, 2016

Therapeutic cats

I don't believe you have to pick a side in the cats vs. dogs debate. I think all dogs and cats are lovable. But while I'm down with this nasty cold I am especially happy to have a couple of cats to keep me company. I don't have to walk them. The most strenuous thing I have to do is scoop the litter box every morning. Of course Mr. Fuzz does want to play mousie-time at least once a day - which means he sits on my leather office chair and I throw furry toy mice at him, which he either bats right back at me like it's ping-pong or grabs and chews until he either throws it on the floor, or once he's ready to eat, grabs the toy in his mouth and walks it over to his food bowl where he proceeds to pretend he's eating the mousie by rolling it around in his wet cat food. Occasionally he does eat the tail or some of the fur. And usually pukes it right back up.
Yes, he does have an eccentric life-style.

by Sam Kalda
The best part of having cats when you're sick is that they don't mind at all laying around on the sofa all day with you - in fact, that's their favorite thing ever. Look at how happy Mr. Fuzz is in this photo. 

Dogs are supposed to be more manly than cats, but many men love cats including John Lennon and Mark Twain. Artist Sam Kalda did a whole series of men with cats. I especially like the Mark Twain.