Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A completely different person

The heartbreakingly temporariness of the blow-out
Hairdressers love me because they can do amazing things with my hair as I discussed here. Especially when they give me a blow-out. It really is an amazing transformation, similar to raw wool turning into spun gold. It lasts until the next morning when I wash my hair. Although if the humidity is unusually low I can sometimes come close to achieving the hair straightness on my own that a blow-out gives, but it's not the same.

So you'd think I would be better about going to get my hair done on a regular schedule. I often wait well over two months to get something done and with hair like mine that's really bad.

I guess I avoid hair salons because firstly, I always feel uncomfortable when I have to make conversation with them. It's a lot of work. And secondly because I often feel very awkward when they say, as they almost always do, after the end of the transformation - you look like a completely different person! Which is obviously the best thing ever.

Sigh. At least they don't tell me I look a porno star who's older than me.