Monday, May 09, 2016

Evan Marc Katz's message to women is still: be passive

Evan Marc Katz advises women to be passive when it comes to dating men, but he also likes to promote the work of other regressive monsters, these "dating coaches" who say exactly the same thing. The dating coaches Katz likes to recommend believe that male dominance is the ideal standard of human behavior and rather than opposing it, we should encourage it.

The latest asshole being promoted by Katz is one Dr. Ali Binazir. He also believes that women should  wait for a man to make the first move - and all the other moves - because if she makes any sudden moves that indicate interest in a man he'll be scared away. Thus spake Binazir:
And at a very primitive level, remember that men enjoy the chase. That’s why the word chase is so often preceded by thrill of the. Why should he be thrilled about your taking away his thrill?
Binazir confesses that this has happened to him a lot. And we are to take him as the exemplar of manly opinion and behavior, of course. But in spite of the fact that he's a wimp who is afraid of any woman expressing strong interest in him, he prefers to describe himself as a predator, a lion. When the animal Binazir actually resembles the most is a chicken.

The animal Evan Marc Katz resembles the most is a weasel, for his constant sexism and then refusal to own his sexism. Katz gaslights poor suckers who buy into his mindfuckery. One of his marks, in the comments of his article promoting Binazir mentions women "dating down" and Katz chides her:
Are men dating down when they date women with less money and education? If not, then please drop that tired act and start dating the way men do – because they feel accepted, appreciated and admired.
So "start dating the way men do" wow Katz is such an egalitarian! except that elsewhere he promotes the idea of gender essentialism and strict gender roles - men must chase women because men must have the thrill of the chase because men are lions and women are gazelles, as his buddy Binazir describes it. You can't get more different than that - men and women aren't even the same species - men are predators and women are prey.

So you get that, ladies? You should date the way men do. Except when you should date the exact opposite of the way men do. Are we clear? Good, now give Evan Marc Katz and Dr. Ali Binazir all your money!