Friday, May 20, 2016

Bernie Sanders is not a good guy

I wish I could brag that I was one of the people who saw how bad Bernie Sanders really is, but I can't. Although I have been pro-Hillary since at least January, I was one of those people who would say that although I like HRC I think Bernie is a good guy and I agree with much of what he says, but I think HRC has a more realistic, more fully-thought out approach to the ongoing problems.

But Bernie Sanders is not a good guy.

First of course I thought that the problem was the Bernie bros, and Sanders even condemned them at one point.

But then I saw the NY Daily News interview with Sanders and I realized that he was even less prepared to tackle problems facing him than I had given him credit for.

Then came his refusal to release his taxes.

And then came Nevada. And it became clear that far from seeing his more unhinged, cult-like followers as a liability, Sanders and his team decided that in fact their unquestioning devotion and ignorance of the American electoral system was a YUGE asset. And they decided to play that asset for all it was worth, especially as Sanders began to fall further and further behind in delegates.

It's a pretty simple strategy:

1. Keep hinting to your followers that the other side is evil and probably committing fraud and cheating.

2. Watch them riot and phone in misogynist threats, and dox Democratic women.

3. In your written statement about the incident, instead of *apologizing* DOUBLE-DOWN with the lies and the smears about HRC and the Democrats. And keep doing it even after everybody knows you are LYING.…/claims-bernie-sanders-supporte…/

And finally

4. WHINE that the Democrats don't like you for some mysterious reason and suggest it is favoritism.

Of course Bernie Sanders did not mind favoritism when it benefitted him, as this article explains so well:…/its-pretty-rich-for-bernie-san…

As usual, Krugman WAS ahead of the curve and sounded the warning about Sanders, as he once sounded the warning about George W. Bush. And he rightfully bragged about it on Twitter.