Monday, May 16, 2016

More MMmemorabilia

The NYTimes ran a story today about another round of auctioning off (by Julien's like last time) of items bequeathed to Lee Strasberg - and now his heirs - by Marilyn Monroe. To me the most interesting items are a hand-written letter to Paula Strasberg and a sketch by Monroe - one of many. Until today I was only aware of the sketches she did for Susan Strasberg. The NYTimes included an image of the letter and the drawing, seen here. If you click on the image you can see she wrote at the bottom: "Lover watching his love sleep. I think her sure flowing lines and use of white space are very nice in this picture.

And the letter says:

Paula dear,
You asked me yesterday why - I felt somehow (Im only conscious of it this morning) that if I didn’t have the control or the will to make myself do anything so simple and do it right I would never be able to act or do anything - I know it sounds crazy - maybe it was even superstitious I don’t know - I don’t know anything. Something has happened I think to make me lose my confidence. I don’t know what it is.All I know is I want to work.Oh Paula I wish I knew why I am so agonized - I think maybe I’m crazy like all the other members of my family were when I was sick I was sure I was.I’m so glad you are with me here!

Who knows what other goodies there are? Well I guess I'll find out if the show comes on tour to NYC.