Monday, March 20, 2017

Vive les jeunes loups!

Jeune Macron - très beau!
Just in time for my new-found interest in all things French comes the French elections in which centrist Emmanuel Macron appears to be France's last best hope to keep the fascist Marine Pen from becoming president of France:
The centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron is running neck-and-neck with far-right Marine Le Pen in the first round of the French presidential elections, according to a survey published Sunday.
Macron has gained on Le Pen and the two are now polling at 26 percent, according to the survey published by the daily Le Figaro. The conservative candidate François Fillon, who has been beset by a scandal, is at 17 percent while the two leftist candidates, the Socialist Benoît Hamon and Jean-Luc Mélenchon of the far left, are both at 12 percent with the former losing 4 points and the latter unchanged in the last two weeks.

A centrist in France is probably very similar to a liberal in the United States.

Best of all, Macron represents one more strike against the evolutionary psychology claim that men essentially prefer younger women and women essentially prefer older men - essentially in the sense that they believe the system of older-man/younger-woman has nothing to do with thousands of years of a cultural system of male dominance of human inheritance and financial systems, and instead is the result of our far distant female ancestors preferring older men with money. Macron is wealthy and yet has been married to a woman 23 years his senior for the past ten years - and he was the one who pursued her, from the time he was fifteen.

Back in June, Marie Claire ran an article - illustrated with a photo of Macron and his wife - which mentions that the rate at which marriages are between older women and younger men has jumped from 10% in the 1960s to 16% in the present. Needless to say, 50 years is not an evolutionary time span - so there must be some reason why women are now marrying younger men at a significant rate besides evolution. And it's because the younger woman/older man status quo was never evolution based.

There's all kinds of evidence like that which demonstrates that the belief-system of evolutionary psychology is absolute bullshit - culture is a much stronger control on mating variations than biology. But evo-psychos have never been interested in data or testable theories. Their theory pleases the patriarchy and that's good enough for them.

It should also be noted that people are just not marrying as much as they used to - in large part of course exactly because women are no longer compelled for financial reasons to get married. So the number of couples in which the woman is older is probably much higher than 16% if you count domestic partners.

According to this article Macron's wife Bridgette comes from a wealthy family herself, which might mean something except that Macron went on to become wealthy and still married her. Macron was so cute when he was younger - he's not bad now, for a politician. I mean, he's no Justin Trudeau. But the way he wears his hair isn't attractive - but look at the picture from this article of the young Macron which I posted above. With all that hair - I love it. I'd definitely hit that, assuming he was legal age. And I'm considerably closer in age to Macron than his wife is.

Speaking of the Prime Minister of Love, I found an interesting Youtube video about Macron (age 39) and Trudeau (age 45) from GlobeTV entitled "Complément d'enquête Emmanuel Macron, Trudeau jeunes loups et vieilles recettes? " Which translates as "Additional investigation". Macron, Trudeau: young wolves and old recipes?

It compares the two of them. I haven't finished watching it - I will have more thoughts once I have - but so far my impression is that both politicians are very much influenced by the campaigns of Barack Obama.

What I like about them both is that they demonstrate how the best men of our times have been influenced by feminism - Trudeau proudly calls himself a feminist. I don't know if Macron is a feminist, but he also shows the way to a better future where humanity has broken free of the double standards concerning human sexuality and desirability.

And of course I can watch hours of both these guys speaking in French as a way of learning French. So I say Vive les Jeunes Loups - avec tout les recettes, vielles ou jeune!

And I have to gloat - I was months ahead of the rest of the world in discovering the extreme hotness of the young Justin Trudeau. And that looks like another excuse to post another hot photo of Justin Trudeau.

Oh hell yeah.