Friday, March 10, 2017


I think that there is a very high percentage of men on the autism spectrum on dating sites. I think this because I keep meeting men with autism, although they usually don't admit it. I have had a few dates with a very cute 30-something guy. He was so cute I wondered why he was single. But as I got to know him I realized there was something off - he was bright and affable but we never connected conversationally, even though we talked plenty. There was never that usual enjoyable back and forth sharing of ideas and anecdotes. Then he mentioned that one of his parents had autism and suddenly the light dawned. I asked him by email if he was on the autism spectrum and I have not heard from him since.

In addition to Jim (not his real name) there is a guy my age whose son just so happens to have autism - gee I wonder where he got that from? The guy, I'll call him Bill, is seriously overweight but it's such a novelty for a man my own age to talk to me on a dating site I've continued talking to him in spite of the fact that the first conversation consisted of him talking entirely about himself, and he didn't ask about me until I pointed out he was always talking about himself.

And then there's Leo, who I'm also talking to, who, it just so happens works with people with autism. WHAT ARE THE ODDS that three men I spoke to via an online dating site in a single week have a personal connection to autism?