Sunday, March 05, 2017

Have I ever mentioned what a misogynist POS Doug Henwood is?

Here is Doug Henwood attacking Gloria Steinem, as per usual because that's what he and brocialist scum like his wife Liza Featherstone and buddy asshole Amber A'Lee Frost do.

Steinem didn't work directly for the CIA. She asked for funds to help Americans go to India. And this was in 1962. Henwood shared this video on Twitter which says exactly that.

Henwood, ever the shameless brocialist hypocrite was himself once a conservative. But you are supposed to forgive him for that. Because the never-ending brocialist campaign to smear feminism means that they have a much lower bar for brocialist behavior than feminist behavior.
(Henwood) received a B.A. in English from Yale University in 1975. As a youth Henwood was acquainted with Marxism, but for a period late in high school into his early years at Yale, he identified as a conservative, briefly joining the Party of the Right:[1]
And about his tender concern for poor Sigmund Freud - even other socialists recognize the problem of Freud:
Freud’s biological determinism contributed to the reaction. In Civilization and Its Discontents (1930), he wrote, “The psychological premises on which the system [of communism] is based are an untenable illusion” because “nature, by endowing individuals with extremely unequal physical attributes and mental capacities, has introduced injustices against which there is no remedy.”
While Marxists celebrate the social nature of human beings, Freud saw human beings as innately aggressive, so he feared mass democracy. In Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego (1921) he wrote that being in a crowd overrides the social constraints that keep animal instincts under control. And in The Future of an Illusion (1927) he warned, “These dangerous masses must be held down most severely and kept most carefully away from any chance of intellectual awakening.”
Virtually all research into childhood trauma ceased, and doctors were warned not to believe patient reports of childhood sexual assault. As late as 1975 the Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry (US) estimated the frequency of incest as one case per million.

If it turns out that Henwood is on the payroll of the Koch brothers or some other right-wing organization, I will not be one bit surprised. He is a cancer of the left.

You have to wonder why anybody cares what he has to say about anything at all, he's such a flagrant piece of shit.