Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"Liberal" media has found the problem with Our Times: liberals

By way of David Auburn I saw this latest think piece from the genre "the real reason Donald Trump was elected is condescending liberals." This particular example of the genre is Outsmarted On the liberal cult of the cognitive elite.

First off, if there was ever a media outlet obsessed by being seen as the "cognitive elite" it is The Baffler with its relentless contrarianism. The Baffler is the undergraduate's New Yorker.

I've never found much worthwhile in The Baffler, which regularly publishes the brocialist ladies auxiliary leader Amber A'Lee Frost. While poking around in Baffler after I read the Outsmarted piece, I found yet another example of Frost's feminism bashing, ending in lines which could have been written by any of the anti-feminist attack bitches of the right like Christina Hoff Summers or Katie Roiphe:
As Mary Beard’s “public voice of women” has recently mutated into Bustle’s “industrialized confession,” the sudden profusion of women’s voices can be deceptively encouraging. Still, though, certain speakers and stories are privileged over others. And most troubling of all, the stories themselves are largely processed and packaged to conform to an age-old model of women’s victimhood—one that sells.
This is part of the brocialist mission to bravely stand against up against rape victims - something that Frost and her fellow handmaiden of the bros Liza Featherstone were cackling about a year ago on Facebook. How dare victims of a crime consider themselves victims!

Other examples of the blame liberals first genre can be seen in the New York Times - Are Liberals Helping Trump? and Trump Voters are Not the Enemy.

And Outsmarted isn't the only article in Baffler to attack liberals, not by a long shot - in the very same edition there appears an article called The Revolution Will Not Be Curated which suggests that Donald Trump is the understandable response to liberals "curating" too much. 

There's this real reluctance by media people to acknowledge just how racist and misogynist half the USA really is, so a new culprit must be found - liberals must be demonized in order to make Trump voters look good.

You know what's really condescending? Claiming adults couldn't help themselves for voting for a misogynist, racist, lying con man traitor. They would have voted to express their true values if only liberals weren't such meanies!