Friday, March 03, 2017

Somebody ain't gonna be a mofo any time soon.

I keep trying to swear off men and just get used to the prospect of living the rest of my life in celibacy, but something always happens - like I spend time with an attractive man I want but inevitably can't have for one reason or another. And it makes me remember how nice it is to have a man you really want. But that is so impossible to find - my former therapist used to refer to the romantic prospects for women in New York City as "the wasteland" - that the sheer despair soon, once again, crushes your soul.

You get messages from creeps like this guy. WTF - "mommy"? Is that what 30-something white nerdy-looking guys are now calling women? Or just women older than them?

I didn't hear back from him after I responded in a manner his query deserved. Guess he doesn't appreciate my humor.