Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bitter Gertrude on the Bechdel test and "white feminism"

And of course, like the brocialists, SJWs
lie about and smear white feminists like Gloria Steinem.

Steinem and Dorothy Pittman Hughes in 1971
Bitter Gertrude, AKA Melissa Hillman bashes the Bechdel test and pushes the bullshit racist notion of "white feminism."

Intersectionality means that every time there's talk about discrimination against women the SJWs start screaming - BUT ALL WHITE WOMEN ARE PRIVILEGED.

Which, while true in a general and relative sense compared to non-white women, does not negate the fact that all women are disadvantaged as compared to men. And it's constantly noted that the Bechdel test isn't everything - it's a low bar. But that doesn't make it NOTHING.

Social Justice Warriors are consistently willing to sacrifice feminism on the altar of "intersectionality" - and their tactic is exactly the same as that used by Berniebros and brocialists and Susan Sarandon: hold women, especially feminists, to a much higher standard of behavior than anybody else. Unlike every other advocacy group, women are supposed to bend over backwards to consider every issue before their own. That's what "intersectionality" is really all about - for the SJWs the intersection is gender and race, for socialists the issue is gender and class, but in every case feminists are attacked for being so selfish as to think of women's rights first. How dare those bourgeois bitches.