Wednesday, March 26, 2014

People Persons

Looks as though the Durang play is out, replaced by two Feydeaux. I had to design a new logo, of course, although the general layout of the new site is similar. And I replaced my play THE VERY DARK ROOM with one that is much closer in spirit to the wacky sex farces of Feydeau, called NEW RULES. So much so in fact that one of the Feydeau plays is called THE LADIES MAN and there is a line in NEW RULES in which someone asks: "are you a ladies man or a man's man?" The guy, who is a bisexual, answers "I'm a people person." One of my favorite lines in one of my plays ever. I actually got it from my daughter, whose high school friend Dana had been dating a girl, but then switched to dating a guy. I asked her "is your friend Dana gay or straight or what?" To which my daughter replied: "Dana's a people person." I know a good line when I steal it. 

NEW RULES is one of my oldest plays - it was performed in the first Philadelphia Fringe Festival in 1997, at the Old Original Bookbinders restaurant. It was longer then, I condensed it down to ten minutes over the years, as for this 2010 production.

You can listen to the "people person" line in this 2009 reading of NEW RULES. Actor Carl Maguire gave a nice pause before delivering the line, and got a good laugh in response. I also like the lines "3.5 on the Richter Scale. It's the Kinsey Scale you dumbass."

In the news lately - apparently the very existence of bisexuals has been doubted.