Sunday, March 30, 2014

More shameless lies from Mikki Kendall - me and my "target list"

So I got into it with the clueless @studentactivism over #CancelColbert and then Mikki Kendall got involved somehow, and lied about me some more.

If you Google my name, you will see Kendall's smear about me show up at the top of the search results, on her Esoterica Tumblr account where she blogs under the name Karnythia.

Initially I thought that someone named Rebecca Scott, the Mad Gastronomer was the original source of the smear, but in fact Kendall's Tumblr account was the actual source of the Google-results smear. Not that Rebecca Scott was sorry for helping to spread the lie any more than Kendall is - when I contacted Scott privately she simply doubled-down and repeated the smear some more.

Here's Kendall lying about the situation.

Now Kendall has been aware of my beef with her since at least July 2013 when she referred to me as "this broad" and linked directly to my web site from Twitter.

Unlike Mikki Kendall, I am easy to contact. My email address is right on this web site. So if my claim that Mikki Kendall is responsible for smears against my name was a mistake, why didn't she contact me directly and say so?

But of course no matter who started it, Mikki Kendall is responsible because it's her Tumblr account that appears at the top of the search results. All she has to do is take  down that post. But she won't do that, and she won't apologize. She'll just keep lying. Shamelessly.

The important thing to be aware of though, is that although this started as a personal attack by Mikki Kendall against me, it's more than that now, because thanks to Kendall I've become aware of the pernicious evil that is the SJW movement - although I didn't have a name for it until I found Will Shetterly's site.

I should note that Shetterly and I don't agree about everything - we recently had an argument on his site about rape culture "hysteria." But I think it should be possible to disagree about something - like in my case, the disagreement with Mikki Kendall and friends on whether Lennon/Ono were/are racists - without having your name smeared via the Google-bombing power of Tumblr blog aggregation.

Clearly Kendall disagrees - she feels she is blameless in her deliberate smearing of my name. But as I've found out, Kendall is by no means alone, and it isn't really personal against me - I'm a white feminist and that's why I was a target. Just as Sarah Kendzior had no qualms about smearing Katha Pollitt - and that is exactly the term Pollitt used in her rebuttal, "smear."
It is absurd to compare me to a dictator or the Saudi regime. Two people can have different problems with the same thing. But that idea is too subtle for Sarah Kendzior, who prefers wild potshots and smears.
So it isn't only Mikki Kendall. There is an entire loosely-connected, semi-anonymous, poorly-vetted group who used to mainly congregate on Tumblr but have mostly migrated onto Twitter, who are purveyors of wild potshots and smears. Kendall, thanks to her self-publicity talents and ethics-free attacks on people based on skin color and gender, is one of the most prominent.

It's one thing to attack a nobody like me, but once your gang starts smearing Katha Pollitt shit is going to get real. Pollitt is a feminist icon and a personal hero of mine (even though we, too, have had a few very minor disgreements) for many years. She's a brilliant writer with a stellar career. And these Social Justice Warrior punks are going to attack her? Not without push-back. Not on my watch.

And once you have seen evidence that members of a SJW group praise rightwingers like Michelle Malkin while attacking progressive feminists like Katha Pollitt you have to start wondering - which side are they really on?

And that's why it's important to keep tabs on these ethics-free mobbers, who seem to attack liberals and progressives with much more ferocity than rightwing pundits or Fox News. And since Mikki Kendall personally dragged me into the SJW war she's the last person who should be whining about it.

Here she is warning @studentactivism about a "target list" I allegedly have:

Although she can't decide whether to refer to me in the singular or plural.

I have news for Kendall - it isn't me who is keeping "a list" - that's here and I have nothing to do with it.

But I will continue to criticize and mock SJWs when they attack me, or other feminists, or create bigotry-inspired hash tags, or create satire-censoring movements out of sheer stupidity. And I have that right - their words are all in the public sphere, self-published.

What's so amusing about Kendall and her gang is their sheer hypocrisy. They can attack people, for any reason, or for no reason, at will, but they whine like poor abused victims if they ever get the tiniest bit of push-back. Just Google Michelle Goldberg, Nation, Kendall if you want to see the shamelessness.

I do like the idea that Kendall is warning her fellow SJWs about being on my imaginary "target list" though - maybe it will make them think twice before smearing random strangers, not to mention important and brilliant feminist writers.

Although knowing them, probably not.