Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sightseeing in AΣTOΡIA

AΣTOΡIA is the Greek-letter version of ASTORIA. I normally don't notice a huge amount of Greek culture in Astoria in spite of its reputation, because there are so many other cultures vying for dominance. But I had always wondered why the Greeks in Astoria didn't seem to bother much with ancient Greek theater - and then I saw this poster in a window on 31st Street this weekend. It's great to have a phone with a functional camera again.

I might have to check out this show, which looks like a Mystery Play but for followers of Hellenism rather that Christianity.  It's too bad you can't see the plays of Euripides, Aristophanes, etc. here though. 

I was noticing a lot of Greek cultural artifacts during my walk around town today - the weather was a balmy 55 degrees - what a change of pace. 

This building appeared to house a Greek cultural center that was so Greek their signs in the window were in Greek too.

I found this building pretty fascinating as well, on the same street. It appears to be a Greek architectural firm. Check out the columns and the traditional Greek border design known as the meander on the window balconies. That is a handsome building.

And then right around the corner from me is a well-known local Greek bakery Boulis famous for its Greek donuts known as loukoumades. Not nearly as handsome a building but more accessible.

Fun fact: there appears to be a hotel in Thessaloniki Greece called the Hotel Astoria. No explanation for the name though.