Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stupid shit Social Justice Warriors say, mazzie and her middle-school mean girl gang edition

This is how your typical Social Justice Warrior reacts to criticism: not by responding directly, but by gathering together a group of fellow Social Justice Warriors for a catty whine-and-snipe party.

You know, like a gang of middle-school mean girl bullies but with pretensions of political relevance.

I figured @mazzie (aka "Uncle Sugar") would take the cowardly Social Justice Warriors route and sure enough... Mazzie also has a blog, but last time I checked she hasn't posted anything to it since July 20, 2013. She appears to much prefer Twitter - but then Twitter is preferred most by hashtag hate-mongers, sloganeers and people who generally don't have enough worth saying to fill an entire paragraph of text.

In standard anonymous-coward SJW fashion Mazzie doesn't reveal her identity in her "about" page and while I could probably do some research and find out what it is, it's hardly worth my time.

Here she is quoting my blog post about her, but she doesn't bother to provide a link to the source. That's how your SJW rolls: no ethics, no honor, no shame.

Since I'm not a SJW I responded directly to mazzie (and of course that inevitably includes mazzie's mean girl gang).

I'm not sure what the "mmm bagel" comment is about. Perhaps mazzie is anti-Semitic and thinks I'm Jewish? If I was a SJW I would be all over that chance at smearing mazzie with the charge of "anti-Semitism" - a SJW never ever misses the chance to argue in bad faith.

So deliberately misrepresenting people - arguing in bad faith - is a pillar of the SJW movement. But even more perniciously is the SJW principle of judging everybody not by the content of their character, but by the color of their skin.

Although Mikki Kendall very specifically targeted me by name for her Google-bombing campaign, which is the ultimate cause of my squabble with mazzie, instead of responding to me as an individual human being mazzie decided that I was a representative of "white feminists."

Mazzie herself appears to be white, but white SJWs seek to avoid being lumped into the automatic-white-racist category by appeasing SJW leaders, such as Mikki Kendall, thus receiving forgiveness for the original sin of being born a racist.


SJW have decided that white feminists will be the sacrificial lamb on the altar of "intersectionality." And unless you have joined the SJW movement you are in the demonized and smeared white feminist flock. As I found out, and as targets of SJW Flavia Dzodan and SJW Sarah Kendzior found out.

The worst aspect of SJWs is that they took a good cause - social justice - and using social media turned it into an excuse for bigotry, mobbing and all-around stupidity. 

And people like mazzie and her mean girl gang Alison Bellach Sonderegger (@alibee), @alittlelately and Amanda Levitt (@FatBodyPolitics) are all very pleased with themselves in their vicious and hateful cause. Demonizing and smearing people - especially white feminists - gives their lives meaning.

NEXT DAY UPDATE: Of course I haven't heard back directly from mazzie herself in response to this post, although I suspect she's whining about it to her SJW pals on Twitter. But she's also spent at least 30 50 minutes today (3/13/2014) checking out this web site from her office computer. As mazzie herself would say, "grudge much"? SJW are always of the opinion that if they attack people, especially white feminists, those people need to get over it and move on. This "moving on" never applies to SJWs though. They get a different set of rules.

Now I am totally in favor of the US government collecting taxes in order to fund worthy health-related agencies. But I'm not too happy about the office equipment of We the People being used by mazzie to prosecute her war against white feminists. Get back to work, mazzie.