Friday, March 28, 2014

Newsflash: Social Justice Warriors too stupid to get satire, want to cancel Colbert

UPDATE: apparently Suey Park Considers Michelle Malkin to be a friend of hers.

This morning I saw this story in my Facebook newsfeed: People Who Don't Realize 'The Colbert Report' Is Satire Want It Cancelled Over Asian Joke

I immediately knew it was a Social Justice Warrior - and not only that, my prime suspect was the SJW with the Asian-outrage concession, Suey Park.

I haven't written about Suey Park directly before, but her tweets are shown in a recent post where I discuss an Aura Bogado pile-on.

How far right is Michelle Malkin? Ten years ago she published a book in defense of Japanese internment camps

I keep saying that I think Mikki Kendall will one day find a rightwing buddy ala Camille Paglia/Rush Limbaugh, but really, it's hard to believe that the Social Justice Warriors are not already on the Heritage Foundation payroll, in an effort by conservatives to make liberals look like idiots. And it isn't all that far-fetched a conspiracy theory - here we see Suey Park referring to Michelle Malkin as a "reasonable person" - back in January of this year.

Speaking of Kendall, does she support Suey Park? Do you have to even ask? Of course she's also too stupid to get satire:

But then, that's what it means to be a Social Justice Warrior. 

So what do the other Social Justice Warriors have to say? Well Flavia Dzodan and Mazzie seem to be quiet on the Colbert front although maybe Mazzie didn't know about the movement to cancel Colbert, but once she reads this post (she reads this site every day - and three times this morning alone obsessed much? although thankfully for the taxpayers, no longer from her work computer) she might have something to say. 

And a member of her mean girl gang, Amanda Levitt, certainly does have something to say - she wants to demonstrate exactly how Social Justice Warriors are too stupid to get satire:

When is The Nation going to fire this moron? Maybe they could get Michelle Malkin to replace her. 

Auragasmic, the Mikki Kendall wanna-be merely retweeted Suey Park. And Lynx Saint Marie, hater of the suffragettes, merely retweeted something from Amanda Levitt.

I couldn't resist joining in on the mockery of SJW stupidity:

UPDATE! I tweeted at Bogado that she should be fired from The Nation and cc'd Katha Pollitt - well apparently I was wrong about Bogado and The Nation: