Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pseudo-journalist/SJW Sarah Kendzior jumps on the satire-censorship bandwagon

Well I already knew that Sarah Kendzior was an idiot for siding with vicious bigot, liar and yellow journalist Mikki Kendall against bona fide feminist/intellectual Katha Pollitt, so I wasn't surprised that she would come out in favor of Social Justice Warrior brand stupidity like #CancelColbert - the big surprise was that it took her so long.

Kendzior will absolutely not hesitate to smear without evidence, as Katha Pollitt discovered, and as can be seen in her claim that Jezebel is out to get non-white people, above. 

Jezebel was completely on board Mikki Kendall's bigotry-fest #solidarityisforwhitewomen - which goes to show that if you are perceived as white - or a white organization - you will never be able to please Social Justice Warriors. No matter how much you suck up to them, they will eventually turn against you based on some trumped-up charge - and they won't provide evidence for your guilt either - just their own nutty paranoid unsupported statements. 

Much like Mikki Kendall's sleazy article suggesting that a doctor was out to kill her for needing a life-saving abortion. Amanda Marcotte defended Kendall against criticism by anti-abortion activists (who, I hate to admit, were right this once), and for her trouble was accused several months later by the ever-paranoid Kendall of stealing from non-white people. Naturally Kendall didn't provide any evidence of the theft.

Social Justice Warriors don't need no stinking evidence.

What Social Justice Warriors really need to do is to start a group - call it Mentally Challenged Americans, who will lobby for the right to be outraged by things you are too stupid to understand.

I mean, look at the utter, flabbergasting false equivalency of the Angus Johnston statement retweeted by Kendzior in the image above: "I'm curious if folks who think Colbert was 100% in the right think the same about Deadspin's use of the word "gook" to describe Suey Park."

It still has not sunk into Angus Johnston's thick thick skull that the folks who think Colbert was in the right do so because what Colbert was doing was satirizing the racism of the Washington Redskins owner. So yes, Colbert was in the right. 100%. Only a fucking idiot - like Angus Johnston, Suey Park, Sarah Kendzior or Michelle Pro-Internment Malkin - would fail to understand that Colbert was 100% right.

But what Angus Johnston believes is that thinking Colbert is right is a sign of racism, and so he has to ask if a racial slur was thought to be just as 100% right as Colbert's satire of racism. 

Truly mind-boggling.

The fact that Social Justice Warriors side with pro-internment Michelle Malkin against liberal satirist Stephen Colbert tells you everything you need to know about just how stupid and utterly useless SJWs are.

It's time for Mentally Challenged Americans! It's time to end the privileging of intelligence in social discourse!