Monday, March 10, 2014

Milton Glaser is still hanging in there

Glaser's iconic Dylan poster
One of the first graphic designers whose name I was aware of, after Alphonse Mucha, is Milton Glaser. He was huge in the 1960s and now he's 84 years old. And since he's still around, the Mad Men producers have gotten him to do original 60s-style art for them - this is a genius idea.

From the NYTimes article:

...Mr. Glaser, 84, with his imposing bald pate, goatee and wry professorial air, could easily be a character on the show, a seen-it-all Zen master from the creative department. “I could have walked in the door of that firm,” he said, of the fictional Sterling Cooper & Partners. “I knew those people.”
Mr. Glaser still runs his small firm out of the Beaux-Arts townhouse he bought in 1965, the building where, three years later, he also helped found New York magazine with Clay Felker. The transom glass above the front door still bears the words “Art is Work,” and Mr. Glaser continues to live by the axiom. In recent years, the firm has been responsible for widely seen work, like the logo for the Brooklyn Brewery, covers for The Nation magazine and the logo and posters for Tony Kushner’s “Angels in America.”