Monday, March 31, 2014

Comedians on Sesame Street

Oy, too much Social Justice Warrior kerfufflage pertaining to #CancelColbert. Let's completely change the subject - Sesame Street celebrity guest stars - there's a list on Wikipedia.

Uh oh - turns out Stephen Colbert was on Sesame Street as the letter Z.

And Jon Stewart also did a bit on Sesame Street.

Robin Williams was apparently on six times. Here's one:

Bill Cosby was also on several times:

Oh joy - I found one of my favorite all-time bits from Sesame Street. Featuring my favorite muppet Grover:

The dialog kills me - Grover keeps coming up with freakishly specific descriptions of the sound (the game show is "name that sound") only to have Guy Smiley ask him to be simple:

Here comes sound number two. 
(sound of dog barking)
Yes, yes. Ah, well let's see, I can tell you that uh, his name is Rover, and that he loves bedroom slippers, and uh, it is an Afghan mixed with Andalusian Lhasa Apso. 
I beg your pardon? 
It is a doggy.
I literally haven't seen this for over thirty years, since I watched it with my daughter when she was a baby. But I always remembered the gag. Glad I got to see it again.