Saturday, August 10, 2013

Workshop Theater Company still telling mostly men's stories

Well I checked in with the Workshop Theater Company's web site and in spite of one of their head honchos claiming a couple of years ago that they have a good record for producing women's plays, in fact, although they have improved since last year, they still favor men over women.

Here is their lineup of playwrights:

  • Lou-Lou Igbokwe
  • Dana Leslie Goldstein
  • Phillip Hall
  • William Shakespeare
  • Greg Oliver Bodine
  • Eddie Antar
  • Sandy Moore
  • Charles Gerber

And since they're not exactly a shining beacon of progressivism, it's no surprise that they promote their plays with images of female body parts. I expect it's because they are incapable of questioning the convention that says you must always show sexy female body parts when promoting something to do with heterosexual sex.

There's a grand tradition of dismembered female bodies in advertising. You couldn't expect the Workshop Theater Company to buck such a grand tradition.

So heckuva job, Workshop Theater Company.

Thanks to the sexual revolution we can
now promote plays with images of
women's asses. You've come a long way baby.