Friday, August 30, 2013

Damn my former president's... um...

I couldn't help but LOL at this while reading it at work. I missed this story in Gawker from back in March.
A watermelon, viewed from above, casts a greenish shadow on a white table. Two small figures on a putting green are spied from behind a distant tree. A horse with cow-like markings stands in field. Dogs, of course: a Shih Tzu and a Boxer sitting against an electric blue void. A Sheepdog next to a ball. A Corgi and a Lab at awkward, physically impossible angles, splayed out against the ground. And some kind of hound mix, maybe, grey and monstrous, sitting outside the White House, separated from the seat of power by iron bars, staring ambivalently out of frame. 
This is the art of the 43rd president. 
Gawker has obtained more photographs of George W. Bush's paintings, originally taken from the former president and his family's email accounts by a hacker using the name "Guccifer," and this may be the most interesting batch yet. A mix of landscapes, still lifes, and animal portraits (a subject he returns to time and again) these paintings show a burgeoning, sensitive artist stretching his painterly muscle—toying with perspective, experimenting with color, and giving his work symbolic and thematic heft. 
Here is the best of the bunch, and maybe his masterpiece: an odd, even monstrous-looking dog, sitting yards away from the president's former home, but kept away from it by thick iron bars. Unlike most of Bush's dogs, this one looks away from the viewer. What is it thinking? What is it doing? Are the bars the White House fence—or something more sinister?

Bush doesn't sign his name on his paintings, but rather his presidential sequence number: 43.

That truly is a bizarre image for a former president of the United States to paint. I daresay there's nothing even remotely like this artifact in the history of the US presidency.

Another batch of Bush paintings has shown up just recently.

Some wise-ass Gawker commenter also cracked me up:
Oh, shit! Look what happens when you put this under a UV light!