Monday, August 12, 2013

Aura Bogado, writer at The Nation, joins the Mikki Kendall hate-a-thon

Well much to my surprise it turns out that the vicious Twitter attacks of hatred against white feminists is fully supported by Aura Bogado, a writer at The Nation.

Here are Bogado's tweets in full support of Mikki Kendall's personal campaign of hatred and blame for EVERYTHING against white feminists below. So remember, if you are a white feminist and you subscribe to The Nation, they would like you to know that the real root of racism and economic injustice is not plutocrats or Republicans - the great Satan is WHITE FEMINISTS!

What's this you say? You never thought a Cherokee baby named Veronica needs saving? Too bad because you are guilty because of your gender and your ethnicity. You should be ashamed of yourself. Now shut up and allow media leaders to heap abuse and lies on you - shut up white feminists. You may not speak out in self-defense. Just take your beating like a good bitch.

  1. when you count the tenured white women faculty, and then the tenured women of color faculty at any university
  2. when you think a Cherokee baby named Veronica needs saving
  3. when your organization offers internships without pay, which means most WOC can't afford to do them
  4. when you call yourself an investigative journalist but have to look up Ida B Wells after you see this tweet
  5. is thinking that the criminal justice system is not a women's issue
  6. is thinking that immigration is not a women's issue
  7. : when you book one WOC for your panel, ask her to attend at her own expense, and think we're all
  8. is when you're sick of the hashtag for a few hours, and we're sick of your privilege for a few centuries
  9. when you stay quiet about affirmative action but went to school on a woman's lacrosse scholarship.
  10. when you fail to recognize that you live on stolen land.
  11. Most anti-climatic moment of : when you realize that almost every editor will hire a white woman to write abut it
  12. is when I can come up with 20 examples of how white women fail us in two hours and easily have 20 more to go.
  13. : lists women for prez; hardly WOC but Warren, Klobuchar, Sebelius listed twice
  14. when you've heard Hannah Anderson's name 1,000 times in last two days, but still don't know who Sharon Coke is.
  15. when you tell your already underpaid immigrant nanny to teach your child Spanish--for free.
  16. is what happens when WOC have hardly any space in online publishing and have to take you down in 144 characters.
  17. when you love Orange is The New Black, but never bothered to pick up a copy of Assata Shakur's book.
  18. : when you stay up late to see how Texas voted on abortion but don't care about California's forced sterilization.
  19. is when you show up on tomorrow explaining that women of color hurt your feelings with this hashtag.
  20. But they're ready to earn a higher wage than women of color and men of color!
  21. when you refuse to thank the civil rights movement for vastly improving the lives of white women.
  22. when you can afford to care more about organic vegetables than you do about Marissa Alexander.
  23. because feminism thrives on gatekeepers & asymmetries of knowledge, which serve to exclude women of colour.
  24. The irony about is that the hastag is partly trending because it still centers on white women.
  25. when claims to be Cherokee, never apologizes for it, and never has to answer for it.
  26. when lauds Janet Napolitano's move the UC system; doesn't call her out for deporting 1.5 M people.
  27. : lists women for prez; hardly WOC but Warren, Klobuchar, Sebelius listed twice
  28. White supremacy rests on being conveniently (but willfully) ignorant.
  29. when you build career on the lowwage work of immigrant nannies whom you don't pay a living wage or offer benefits