Saturday, August 17, 2013

Do you want to contact somebody first, leave someone a letter...?

This photo is of the site where Manley pulled the trigger
Martin Manley posted this to his web site yesterday:
I finally decided the best way to do it would be at 5AM on August 15, 2013 at the far southeast end of the parking lot at the Overland Park Police Station. If everything worked out right – and I’m sure it did, I called 911 at 5AM. I told them “I want to report a suicide at the south end of the parking lot of the Overland Park Police Station at 123rd and Metcalf. Bang.”
He posted the geographic coordinates for the spot so you can see it on Google maps.

And as he predicted, it did work out as he had planned it.

This web site - no longer available except on this mirror site - is devoted to his life and death.

He was a regular sports blogger, with a web site called Sports in Review and he informed his readers of his death yesterday in a blog post called The Final SIR Post.

...I have no doubt that I could still have contributed to the development of statistical data and the interpretation of that data. However, the time has come to draw this quasi-hobby to an end. 
The reason for my departure is 100% within my ability to control. You see, earlier today, I committed suicide. I created a web-site to deal with the many questions a person would rightfully have. It’s called It went live today. In my opinion, there is no question which you could conceivably ask that I have left unanswered on that site. My goal with this post is closure for SIR.
He claims he was not depressed. He was a regular church-goer, even a member of the choir, and on the site says he hopes that God will forgive him for killing himself. His main motivation was to avoid waiting until he was too senile to kill himself and he figured at age 60 it was all downhill from there. And wanted to avoid the coming US financial collapse - more about that in another post. He was also very upset about the Newtown murders and wrote a good gun control post here.

I couldn't stop reading his life/death site. And there are lots of news stories about his death - so he definitely got what he was hoping for - some kind of notoriety.

RIP Martin Manley.