Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This Charming Man

Sophie Fontanel speaks for so many of us.
You ended up being abstinent for twelve years. Were you dating during that time? 
Oh, of course I went on dates. My reaction was always, “Well, I’ll meet him, and then I’ll see.” I was hoping, but it was very abstract. It’s rare to find a man who really charms you. During that period, I fell in love twice. But, obviously, it was with impossible men. Married men, gay men. It’s very difficult to find a partner. That’s why I waited so long. Because I told myself, Okay, I give up. I will return to sexual activities when it is worth it — and it took more than ten years.
Yep. I'd wager that it's the scarcity of men who really charm you - and are not married, gay or otherwise unavailable - that is the primary cause of celibacy for most single women.