Tuesday, August 13, 2013

If you deceive white feminists it's their own fault. And also everything else.

Greetings, fellow Facebook members. You can read all about ethics-free Mikki Kendall and her career of vicious lies and hate-mongering here.

And don't miss my analysis of her Salon article in which she accuses a doctor of attempted second-degree murder because she thought he wanted her to die for seeking a life-saving abortion. She doesn't name him though, probably because Salon realized that making such serious unsupported charges is actionable defamation.

Of course many feminists, who I assume must have poor reading skills, defended Kendall's article against charges that she provided no evidence that the doctor or the hospital were criminally negligent, including Amanda Marcotte. This is how Kendall demonstrated her gratitude for Marcotte's defense less than a year later - by implying that Marcotte stole the blogging work of women of color.

So apparently the whole white-feminists-are-to-blame-for-everything hate-a-thon campaign that Mikki Kendall has going on Twitter - #solidarityisforwhitewomen - was caused by a creep named Hugo Schwyzer admitting he had deceived the women he worked for.

And of course we know who is to blame for Hugo Schwyzer's behavior - the source for all evil on this earth - white feminists.

Clearly there is a group of "feminists" who feel that white feminists are to blame for absolutely everything, including the old boys network and the Trayvon Martin murder trial verdict - both those charges showed up on the #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen tag.

Well, but then once you have a scapegoat, all sense of ethics goes out the window. You just want to hate. And white feminists are a much safer target than the people who actually have power.

And there's also a heaping helping of ageism and defense of cultural traditions that oppress women among Mikki Kendall's fans, as you can see in this article by Elana Haliczer and Versha Sharma. They start out by letting you know how worthless you are if you are above a certain age:
 Hello, feminism. It’s nice to see you again. Some of us thought you were dead, or at least out of touch with us non-gray-hairs, who don’t safeguard their yellowing copies of Ms. Magazine. 
Enter #solidarityisforwhitewomen, like a cleansing fire upon the movement. The point of the Twitter tag: Women of color, all colors, are challenging the idea that feminism is about white gals of privilege. It’s basically saying, “Thank you, Gloria Steinem, but the conversation around equality has a lot more velocity and global reach today than it did around the quad at Smith College.”
Wow. So now pioneers of the feminist movement are to be attacked because they are older and... that seems to be the only reason. White feminists certainly didn't keep women of color out of the feminist movement. But since white feminists are now guilty of all the evils of the world, hate-filled liars and ageists like Elana Haliczer and Versha Sharma can make any claims they want.

Here is Elana Haliczer's Linked In profile. What kind of organization would employ a hate-monger like her?

Here is Versha Sharma's Linked In profile. Apparently Vocativ is the go-to employer of vicious hate-mongers and age-based discriminators. I just hope her employers don't have any gray hairs or other signs of worthlessness.