Monday, August 12, 2013

Full-time professional hate-monger Mikki Kendall reminds you: everything is your fault, white feminists

As I've discussed before on this blog, there is nothing that Mikki Kendall, professional hater and unethical journalist hates more - if you go by what she talks about online - than white feminists.


That's why, when I dared to disagree with her two years ago, and said that John Lennon and Yoko Ono were not racists, but in fact were feminists who were trying to make a feminist point with one of their songs, she used the power of her Tumblr blog and her Tumblr mob to smear me as a "racist" in Google results. She has no shame about it - she lies whenever she feels like it. In fact, they blamed me for it - because I asked them to stop it, that made them do it more. And it was my fault because I dared to complain about it.

This is called "blaming the victim" but of course since I am a white feminist I am not a victim - I am the source of all evil.

And it's no good trying to be her pal, as Amanda Marcotte found out - she'll hate you and accuse you of stealing credit from women of color anyway. Because she fucking hates your ugly white bitch feminist guts.

She's at it again here on August 12, 2013.

There is a hashtag called #SolidarityisforWhiteWomen which is where they list all your stupid white feminist bitch sins. Although they are too chickenshit to actually name names, except for Satan Incarnate - aka Lena Dunham.

And guess who started this hashtag? The woman who hates white feminists more than anything else in the world - as this Twitterer explains:

Karnythia is one of Mikki Kendall's screen names.

If you are a white feminist, you can go onto Twitter and discover just how much you are to blame for everything, and how much you are hated by Mikki Kendall and her band of haters.

You don't like it? Shut up white feminist, everybody hates you, and nobody cares what you think and everything is your fault.

Here are just a tiny sampling of all the things that are your fault:

is when you're sick of the hashtag for a few hours, and we're sick of your privilege for a few centuries

Because you see, you are a white feminist and therefore you don't acknowledge white privilege and it doesn't matter if you were oppressed as a woman because IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!

When NOBODY talks of Indian women fighting for suffrage IN THE UK & needs proof

You know whose fault it is that Indian women are not being talked about in the UK? That's right - it's your fault, white feminist.

who major in art history because their trust fund gave them the green light

If you are a white feminist you are automatically rich.

when breast cancer survival rates improve overall .... But not for women of color.
This is 100% your fault, white feminist. You should kill yourself now for killing women of color. Which you know you do. Because everything is your fault.
when we assume that miniskirts and tube tops = "liberated" and hijabs and modest clothing = "oppressed."
Because white feminists must not dare criticize religion.
When the media covers efforts to recover a young white girl but continues to ignore the missing women of color
Of course this is your fault, white feminist, because everybody knows that white feminists control the media.
More reasons why white feminists are the root of all evil, and Mikki Kendall's full-time job is blaming white feminists for everything soon.