Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Antique Desk of My Dreams

I've never been much of a furniture aficionado - I've never had enough money for one thing. But I've always been pretty OK with IKEA type furniture - inexpensive and self-assembly required.

But there is something about a vintage writing desk... IKEA desks are very minimalist and have hardly any drawers - the same goes for Staples desks and they are even less attractive. But check out this sweet Victorian oak writing desk. Look at all those drawers. Although I do most of my work on my laptop, and so technically don't need a desk, just a lap, there is still paperwork to deal with and since I haven't had a desk with drawers for the past several years, I have no real home for all my paper work and it tends to get scattered.

If I had a vintage desk like this baby, that problem would be solved.

And you don't get this kind of brasswork at IKEA. There is a whole web site devoted to antique desks, but I don't need an antique - vintage is OK - something from the 1950s or 60s, before all consumer goods became cheap and disposable. A nice solid wooden writers desk with a whole bunch of drawers. And there are some vintage desks for sale that are barely more expensive than what they sell at IKEA, so it's well worth it - and it's already assembled.

It turns out the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn not only has the excellent Black Mountain Winehouse, it also has a bunch of vintage furniture shops. I will definitely check those out soon.