Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Le Gigot

Le Gigot apparently means "the leg" as in gigot d'agneau or leg of lamb. It's also the name of a restaurant in the West Village that I've been to twice now - once six years ago (tempus fugit!) trying to impress a man who had absolutely no interest in being impressed by me, and then again this Sunday after my friend Val took me to the Fringe show with her.

It's an elegant little place that serves Proven├žal cuisine, which apparently means lots of animals: cows, ducks, rabbits, lambs, chicken and lobster.

It's also tres cher, and they only accept cash or American Express. Well six years ago I was throwing around the plastic like a drunken sailor with a credit card, and I don't even remember how much it cost. But this time... between the two of us we had a soup, salad, a glass of wine each and a cup of cappuccino and it came to over $70 not including tip. Sacre bleu! In contrast I had brunch with two other people that morning and we all had omelettes with hash browns, toast, coffee and mimosas and the whole thing came to $25 for three people.

To be fair Le Gigot does have a prix fixe brunch for $20 which sounds like a pretty good deal, but mon dieu! I didn't even have a big salad, it was a small mesclun salad sans goat cheese.

But the cup of cappuccino was exquisite.

And the service was absolutely stellar. So I guess it was worth it.