Thursday, July 07, 2011

more nature

Damn you Richard Dawkins, damn you to hell. I ended up spending hours blogging about Richard Dawkins and arguing with people on Facebook over how big a douchebag Richard Dawkins is. And now it's late and I should be going to bed - but must put nature online!

This batch of pix is less flowery.

Look - pretty! I was under a tree when I took this. Click for close-up.


Who doesn't love a waterfall?


My favorite tree of all time - the Japanese threadleaf maple.

There are two features that make the Japanese maple so beautiful - the leaves and the gnarly trunk. Here are the leaves

The Japanese maples were mostly around the Japanese hill and pond garden, which is gorgeous and which I had seen before - but I don't remember seeing these stairs that lead to an area of the Japanese garden that I never knew existed before. I don't know if it's new or I just missed it before - it is easy to miss.

I climbed the stairs and found... more tomorrow.