Sunday, July 03, 2011

Let the little kitties come to me...

For some reason Mr. Fuzz decided that he adored Kinky Jesus.

One of Mistress Ilsa's clients, Reverend Hartford, likes to dress as Jesus. He also likes to dress as Mr. Rogers... but that's the one thing that is not allowed in Mistress Ilsa's dungeon.

I Photoshopped the puppet in - I still have to get a puppet, which we just thought of during rehearsal. Hey if I can Photoshop a glass of absinthe in for Mr. Rochester, I can certainly put in a puppet.

In fact I pretty much Photoshop every single photo in any of my theatre productions - I don't think the actors realize how much work I do on their faces. I take out zits, stray hairs, increase the color intensity on their hair and irises, firm up chin lines, etc. etc. etc. I take some pretty big liberties:

  • One actor I worked with was corpulent and I removed about 4 inches off her upper arm.

  • Another actor had asymmetrical eyes - his left eye was slightly closer to his nose than his right eye. Not enough that it was obvious what was wrong - I originally thought that his eyes were just too close together - but when you're sitting there staring at a production photo you figure it out. So for one face-front photo I nudged his left eye, ever so slightly away from his nose. It was a definite improvement, although still not perfect, but I was afraid to make his eyes perfectly symmetrical because then it would have been obvious - at least I was afraid it would. In retrospect...

  • I worked with an actor who had serious bags under her eyes and I always Photoshopped them into virtual extinction. I saw photos of her in another production and was shocked that they hadn't thought to do the same thing, since the bags made her look at least ten years older than she actually was. Not everybody cares so much about production photos I guess.

    And I don't think a single one of these actors noticed I had made such significant changes.

    Mistress Anastasia (aka "The Snake") knows her way around a whip.

    That's Doug Rossi as Reverend Hartford, Alice Anne English as Mistress Ilsa and Carolyn Paine as The Snake. Because it is the 4th of July weekend, two of the actors were MIA. Pix of them next week.